sell house fast portland
sell house fast portland

Selling Your House to us is Fast, Easy, and Convenient in Portland Metro Area.

If you are wanting to sell your house very fast in Portland Metro Area just follow these simple and easy steps and "you" can sell your house fast for all cash in one week. We buy Houses, Land, and Buildings in any condition, situation, area, or price range. We care about you and your situition. We look forward to talking with you.


Call Sam for the fastest response at #503-260-1467 or fill out  our contact form.


1) After we talk on the phone or if you  filled out the form, I will contact you within 12 hours or less to talk about how we can help and what options you have so we can buy your house in one week. 


2) Our "all cash offer" comes with no cost or fees to you. Should you accept our offer, we will handle everything and keep it simple for you. When all the paper work is done, you will be receiving all cash for your property in just a few days.


3) We will complete the transation very quickly and can close within 1 week if you want. This way you can enjoy knowing that it is all done!


Whether you're moving on, moving out or have some questions, let us help you find a solution for your property by calling #503-260-1467

Thank you!!

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